Kim believes that while good health is no laughing matter, laughing is a matter for good health. (No, she did not steal that from bumper sticker.)

Laughter has been proven to change levels of neural chemistry, stimulate the thymus gland, boost the immune system, improve digestion, and provide a respiratory work-out. And that doesn’t even take into account laughter’s enormous benefits to mental health. Kim is the founding member (and so far, the only member) of the society of Humor Advocate Health Assistants, also known as a HAHAs.

Her humor essays have appeared in American BungalowDog & Kennel and numerous regional parenting magazines.

Stuffed full of fun facts and funny folklore, Kim’s middle grade nonfiction book There’s No Ham in Hamburgers: Facts and Folklore About our Favorite Foods will be available in April 2021.

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Dog & Kennel
February 2004






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March 2004






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Mahoning Valley & Trumbull County Parent
August 2004






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American Bungalow, Issue #33
May 2002